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Charles "Chuck" Pekor is a trial lawyer practicing in Atlanta, Georgia, with the law firm of Pekor & Associates, LLC. Chuck and the lawyers in his firm practice exclusively plaintiffs civil litigation, criminal defense, consumer protection litigation, and criminal records expungement.


Our Philosophy

Chuck Pekor & his law firm represent real people, the individuals who often find themselves in cases against larger organizations such as the government, insurance companies, and large corporations. We passionately fight for our clients' rights. We believe in the Constitution of United States & the State of Georgia.

We will fight for the justice of our clients.

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"Mr. Pekor defended me in a credit collection suit. Got it dismissed and we got money out of the zombie debt collectors. he ran circles around the credit card lawyers."


Pekor & Associates practice exclusively in plaintiffs civil litigation and consumer protection litigation in the state of Georgia. Our areas of expertise include:


Civil Litigation

Criminal Defense
Criminal Records Removal
Personal Injury
Consumer Debt Defense
Wrongful Death
Defective Product Injury
Bar & Nightclub Liability


As a former U.S. Department of Justice civil trial lawyer, former senior federal prosecutor, and with a background in law enforcement, Chuck Pekor has the experience you need to take cases where you, the individual, may be facing a lawsuit against the government and large corporations. We understand how the jury trail system operates and have experience in over 200 jury trials, both civil and criminal, to conclusion.

Although our firm will attempt to resolve cases in the best interest of their clients without the necessity of a trial, our "trial edge" is the advantage you need.


misc misc Pekor & Associates Give Back

Pekor & Associates LLC and Chuck Pekor and the members of his firm do a considerable amount of work to "give back" to the community in the Atlanta area where we practice. Chuck Pekor speaks and consults on a regular basis at senior citizen faciities, group homes, and church groups.. learn more