Chuck Pekor is a former senior federal prosecutor, and former U.S. Department of Justice civil trial lawyer. He graduated from Mercer Law School in 1968, with honors, ranked number 3 in his class, and Editor of the Law Review.

He spent his first years after law school as a young civil trial lawyer for the United States Department of Justice, working out of Washington, D.C. Chuck was one of the few attorneys hired each year by the Justice Department under the extremely competitive and selective Attorney General Honors Program, for law school graduates in the top 5% of their class, and who met other stringent qualifications specifically for attorneys who would be working as Department of Justice trial attorneys. During this time Chuck tried cases in U.S. District Courts throughout the southeast. In that position, within his first year of practice Chuck was trying cases as lead counsel involving millions of dollars against private sector lawyers with 20, 30, or 40 years of trial experience.


After working several years with the U.S. Department of Justice as a civil trial lawyer, Chuck transferred to the Office of the United States Attorney for the Middle District of Georgia, as an Assistant United States Attorney. He was eventually promoted to the position of First Assistant U.S. Attorney, the "chief" Assistant U.S. Attorney, or the number two position in the office. At the time he was promoted to that positon, Chuck was the youngest First Assistant U.S. Attorney in the country.

Chuck was the U.S. Department of Justice's civilian prosecutor in the Vietnam War "My Lai Masscre" courtmartial of Lt. William Calley at Fort Benning, Georgia. He has been interviewed by numerous authors and journalists regarding the case, and has been interviewed on national television regarding the trial.

Chuck subsequently served as Acting U.S. Attorney, and after he left the U.S. Attorney's Office was appointed by the Attorney General of the United States to act as a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney for the prosecution of a major white collar government and financial fraud case involving millions of dollars.

By the time Chuck left the U.S. Attorney's Office to go into private practice, he had tried over 75 jury trials, civil and criminal, to conclusion. During Chuck's entire career as a government lawyer, he never lost a jury trial, civil or criminal.

In addition to his JD, Chuck has an MBA (in finance) from Georgia State University, and an LL.M. (Master of Law) from Georgetown Law School. Chuck is also a graduate of the famous Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College full three week program given once a year at Gerry's Thunderhead Ranch in Wyoming. The Trial Lawyers College only accepts applications for admission from lawyers who practice criminal defense law or represent only plaintiffs in civil litigation. Former prosecutors, like Chuck, are welcome as long as their practice now is not as a prosecutor. (Gerry Spence himself started out as a prosecutor.) The Trial Lawyers College receives several hundred applications each year for only 48 available places in each class.

Chuck has taught, spoken and lectured at many attorney seminars in the fields of trial practice, evidence, cross examination, and civil and criminal litigation.

In addition to his experience as a federal prosecutor, Chuck has experience as a law enforcement officer.
Chuck and the attorneys in his firm have the same philosophy of practice as Gerry Spence. Chuck and his firm represent the "little guy" against the "big guys" - the government, people who hurt other people, insurance companies, abusive bill collectors and large corporations.

Over his career, Chuck has obtained numerous verdicts and settlements in civil cases in the six and seven figure range.

At this stage of his career, Chuck has tried well over 150 jury trials, civil and criminal, to conclusion. At this time, Chuck has an almost unprecedented win rate in jury trials in which he was the lead or sole counsel of over 95%. With the exception of one criminal defense case in which the defendant was not present during the trial, and two civil jury trials, in his entire career Chuck has never lost a jury trial in which he was the sole or lead counsel.


Substance Abuse and Our Justice System


Chuck Pekor has has very personal experience with substance abuse and addiction, and because of his own recovery process he has a greater understanding and insight to assist clients with similar challenges.

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Chuck Pekor has has very personal experience with substance abuse and addiction, and because of his own recovery process he has a greater understanding and insight to assist clients with similar challenges.

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