Pekor & Associates LLC and Chuck Pekor and the members of his firm do a considerable amount of work to "give back" to the community in the Atlanta area where we practice. Chuck Pekor speaks and consults on a regular basis at senior citizen faciities, group homes, and church groups. We try to make some of our most vulnerable citizens aware of the many predatory schemes and scams that seem to be runing rampart in the world we live in today. We also offer our services at no charge from time to time for those specially needy individuals who have been targated by scam operators, including some of the more unscrupulous debt collectors.

Chuck has also recently become involved in assisting organizations who seek to rescue children, young woman and boys who are victims of human trafficking. It is difficult to believe, but many young girls (and boys) are essentially kidnapped, hooked on drugs, and sold for prostitution. This is one of the most abhorrant crimes imaginable, but it is happening in virtually every major city in the world, including Atlanta. If you are a director or involved with such an organization and you are your clients need legal help, Chuck Pekor and his firm will provide whatever assitance you need, pro bono. With Chuck's background as both a very experienced civil litigator, federal prosecutor, and law enforcement background, he is uniquely suited to assist in such mattes. Just call our office and we will be glad to talk with you.

If you are a manager, director or board member of a woman's shelter, senior citizen organization or facility, group home, church group,or any other similiar organization and would like to have Chuck Pekor come speak to your group for an hour or so for the purpose of educating your members or residents on how to be alert for and protect themselves from scam artists and other predators, just give us a call at 404-848-8086, and speak to Ms. Lonnie Nelson, our Senior Paralegal and Firm Manager. We specifically do not accept any "paying" clients from these engagements. Chuck is happy to come talk with your group, and if any individual members are involved in a bad situation, Chuck and our firm can often help. At no time do we accept any fee, or representation for a fee, for these presentatons, or from any members of your group. Our goal is expressly to help those in need who usually are the least able to help themselves..