As former law enforcement officers, we consider one of the greatest tragedies of our society to be when a police officer or government official violates a citizens civil rights. This type of corruption and tyranny is extremely serious due to the fact that the resources of the government official generally overwhelm those of the targeted citizen. Further, wrongful arrests and cases of excessive force are in many situations exacerbated by overzealous prosecutions designed to protect the officer who initiated the wrongful conduct.
Chuck Pekor is a recognized expert in "Section 1983" or civil rights litigaton in Georgia. He often speaks at attorney seminars on this topic, and has handled a considerable number of these types of cases. We always emphasize that most police officers are good people, who do a dangerous and difficult job, for not nearly enough pay. Indeed, we often represent law enforcement officers in civil services and internal affairs matters.

However, unfortunately law enforcment is a type of employment that can sometimes draw individuals who may abuse the power of a law enforcement officer, and these are the types of cases where individuals civil rights are violated, and in which we may be able to help. Since Chuck Pekor is a former prosecutor, and a former law enforcement officer, and also often represents officers, he is very familiar with police procedures and the general field of law enforcement, which gives him a very well-rounded knowledge in this area.

The greatest impediments to pursuing police/government misconduct cases are the various immunities that certain governmental entities and offices enjoy. Several statutes and judicial decisions have endowed officials such as a county sheriff with protection from being sued in civil court. Often, this protection can seem limitless and leave a victim feeling hopeless and powerless. Our experience in handling cases against such public officials and municipalities has left us with a thorough understanding of the applicable law and the means to achieving any and all available remedies for our clients.
In almost every case, it is best to consult an attorney as soon as possible after an arrest. In the case of a false arrest or police misconduct, it is absolutely imperative. There are many situations in which prosecutors will recognize a questionable case and try to "simplify" matters by offering what appears to be a very lenient plea offer such as probation or time served. Accepting such a plea may benefit the accused immediately if he or she is incarcerated and expects to be released. However, taking such a plea can have a detrimental effect on a civil case that the accused may later wish to pursue.

For this reason, a person who feels that they have either been targeted by the police or falsely arrested should immediately seek counsel. While it is best to speak with an attorney who has handled civil rights cases, the most important thing is for the client to address his desire to pursue civil remedies with whoever his or her attorney is. This way, the accused can at least be informed as to the consequences his decision to plead guilty or not guilty might have on a potential civil case against the arresting officer or agency.

We strive to hold officers and officials accountable for their misdeeds. We have successfully represented clients in cases against the City of Atlanta and MARTA, Fulton County, and several municipal police departments. Currently, we have a pending class action against the Fulton County Sheriff's Department, Fulton County, and the City of Atlanta for intentionally overdetaining scores of citizens who have been acquitted, granted bonds, and served every day of their criminal sentences, but were not released from confinement until sometimes days or weeks after they should have been released.


Employment Discrimination

We also handle cases involving discrimination against an individual based upon age, race, gender, color, and/or religion. These cases often require the involvement of governmental agencies such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and can be severely impaired if not handled appropriately.
Before a lawsuit is filed in an employment discrimination case, certain administrative channels must be pursued. The failure to examine certain procedural requirements can leave a client with no recourse. For this reason, the earlier a client seeks counsel the better off the client will likely be. In many situations, there are investigations, conferences, and mediations that must take place prior to filing legal actions. We work with clients at every stage of the case so that our clients understand the process.


Rest assured that you are not alone. The key to defending your rights are to first understand them. We at Pekor & Associates can help you through the intimidating legal process and give you a greater peace of mind.

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